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BUSPIRONE helps to relieve certain states of anxiety. It is chemically different from other medicines that treat anxiety and has very little effect on mental alertness. Buspirone does not produce dependency problems.

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What is Buspar?

Buspar (Buspirone) - indications, side effects In its structure, Buspar is not associated with other anksioliticheskim drugs.

How Buspirone is used in treatment of chronic anxiety?

It is a partial agonist of serotonin and dopamine receptors. Probably the main function of the drug is to suppress 5อา neurotransmission by selective activation of inhibitory presynaptic receptors 5อา1ภ. It has no sedative, muscle relaxant or antiepileptic effect and does not facilitate withdrawal of benzodiazepines. Its t1/2 is 7 h. Buspar is metabolized in the liver. It forms an active metabolite that can accumulate in a few weeks. Anksiolitical the effectiveness of Buspar is similar to that of benzodiazepines or slightly less.

The disadvantage of this drug is lag useful anxiolytic effect at 2 weeks or more. Unlike benzodiazepines Buspar is not overwhelming or psychomotor function, or causing a bit of its suppression; in moderate doses does not potentiate the effects of alcohol (unlike the benzodiazepines). Adverse reactions include dizziness, headache, nervousness, anxiety, nausea, tachycardia, and drowsiness. Nefazodone newest sedative antidepressant.

Buspar - instructions for use of the drug

Features of application of Buspar

Dose and frequency of administration of the drug To start, 5 mg 3 times a day (15 mg per day). The dose may be increased to 60 mg per day, taking them in divided doses at intervals of 6-8 hours.

The onset of action of Buspar According to the instructions the full therapeutic effect of the medicine can appear after 1-2 weeks.

Diagrams, tips on intake and dosage

As recommended in the instructions to the drug Buspar should be used only after prescription. Dosage should also Busparorder the attending doctors. Usually the first time taken 5 mg of the medication two to three times daily. Next, slowly level the dosage should be increased to 15-30 mg, they are also taken in several stages. The maximum level of dose should not be more than 30 mg per day and it should not be more than 45 mg. the Drug should be taken at the same time daily. While taking pills can not chew, crush, mash. They are ingested in whole form, while washed down with plenty of water. Patients having problems of functioning liver and kidneys, take the minimum dose. The duration of the course of the drug determined by a doctor only strictly individually for each patient. In any case, do not take the drug for a long period without medical supervision. In conjunction with the medication necessary to carry out therapies and psychotherapeutic sociotherapeutic type.

Side effects of Buspar

When assigning Buspar the physician should warn the patient about the possible appearance of side effects. If there is increased drowsiness, apathy, fatigue and General weakness, you should stop taking the drug and seek assistance from your doctor – you may have to reduce the daily dosage.

Rare, but can show symptoms of a dysfunctional digestive system – nausea and vomiting, epigastric pain, heartburn. In this case we are talking about intolerance.

Features of use of the drug

If, during lactation there is a need for therapy, based on the "Buspar", breast-feeding is temporarily stopped. In disorders of internal organs, there are some limitations. For example, if you have problems with the liver, caution is advised during the treatment period and constantly monitor the changes that occur health.

The only contraindications are severe disorders in the functioning of the body. The same applies to the work of the kidneys. Buspar 10 mg reviews with regard to the products of different manufacturers, including drug "Buspar Sandoz", the doctors indicate the need for adherence to certain rules. Writing medicine specialist should be aware that this tool is not able to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms that were the result of benzodiazepines, and its purpose in such situations is not possible when before the therapy was not produced by the gradual abolition of the anxiolytic drug.

Patients should know that the pill "Buspar" can affect care, especially in the initial phase of therapy, so it is best to temporarily refrain from activities involving special responsibility and enhanced concentration. Some tasks can be potentially hazardous to health. With regard to the treatment means of "Buspar", reviews of doctors about the drug. However, experts note that to assign it properly, only with the appropriate indications and optimal doses.

It should be noted that when the tension and anxiety which appear because of the constant negative impact of everyday stressful situations, treatment with anxiolytics are not usually necessary. The patients of "Buspar" with different dosage, for example drugs, "Buspar 10 mg", the reviews reflect how the use of effective tools. People who were treated this medication, noted that the doctor had warned them of the caution of the use of certain drugs, e.g. oral contraceptives, medicines for diabetics, means, the effect of which is aimed at reducing high blood pressure, drugs to eliminate depression and drugs such as cardiac glycosides, neuroleptics. Failure of the kidneys and liver of average weight, cirrhosis require a reduction in standard doses. In these cases, the reception of "Buspar Sandoz" reviews people describe how a treatment that must be administered under the supervision of a physician.

You should pay attention to the slightest change in health. Patients with epilepsy medicine never prescribed because of the risk of seizures. This kind of therapy for this category of patients is dangerous and should be carried out using other medicines. Patients who often abuse drugs and have a history of drug dependence should be treated under the strict supervision of a specialist (the occurrence of dependence on "Buspar").

Medicinal properties of Buspar

This medicine affects the activity of specific chemical substances in the brain (dopamine and especially serotonin) that are closely associated with mood, emotions and mental state. Unlike many other drugs for the treatment of conditions related to anxiety, the remedy has no sedative or muscle-relaxing action and, apparently, does not lead to the development of physical dependence.

One of the drugs that are prescribed me a neurologist was "Spitomin" (Sptmn, Spitomin). This medicine prescribed for the treatment of anxiety disorders with such symptoms as anxiety, inner restlessness, anxiety, tension. According to the description, this tool was ideally suited to me as she said the doctor: "and after these tablets will all calm" and ordered to be taken after Olatropil as its replacement (0.5 tablets in the morning and evening).

White pills that have small size. The active substance Buspar.

Review doctor

Dr. Lawrence Herbert:
Buspar is anxiolytic, which helps to relieve tension, stress, depression and disorders of the nervous system. To take this drug only after a doctor's visit, independently of its use is not necessary, especially for a long time. All of the patients who had to prescribe this drug, noted that the effect of expectations of the impact of the drug on the body is long, all the violations took place only a month later. Some have shown minor side effects that passed after a week of use.

There is a view From the nervous work, constant stress and overwork, began to notice that is constantly in the doldrums and feel panic attacks. At first I did not attach importance to these symptoms, but in later period they began to increase. To me became as-that not on itself, and I decided to go to the doctor. After the examination, the doctor prescribed to take the drug Buspar. He prescribed me a regimen where I took it for 3 months. In the beginning there were minor side effects in the form of headaches and visual disturbances, but beyond everything returned to normal. Improvement came only at the 2 month appointment.

Kristina, 35 years the stress began to celebrate the attacks of anxiety and panic, over time these symptoms began to increase in the future. Husband without thinking twice sent me to the doctor. After examination and consultation with the psychiatrist, I was prescribed to take the medicine Buspar. I took him by the scheme doctor within 3 months. Improvement came only after 1.5 months. Side effects were came!

The first time after the reception began to notice a slight dizziness, did not attach much importance. But then, still reread the instructions and the list of side effects ukazano that can be dizziness CNS, although not for a long time after the start of the course.

If you do not pay attention to this possible side effect and to summarize, I can say that the effect I'm unhappy. Especially when compared to such tablets as Phenibut, Adaptol and Olatropil with Spitamenes, you will prefer in the future. After taking Spitomin can say that there was some restraining feeling inside, not to release emotions, but the first three drugs are relatively better. After their nervous system under control always, no desire to scream, to swear, the kid's not freaking out, BUT there is no sense of drowsiness or dizziness. After Spitomin anxiety fully pass, and appear every day. Every day there is some sort of fear or anxiety. Perhaps this is the cure I have ever come across or need to increase the dose, but the desire to return to it is definitely not. Prefer more effective means.

Pharmacological profile

The main goal of action of the drug is not installed. The effect is described as similar to the effects of presynaptic 5-ht1a receptors. This medication is a selective agonist of 5-ht1a postsynaptic receptor type in the nervous system. The drug has a slow action. The effect is manifested within approximately 7-14 days after starting. The highest therapeutic effect occurs within a month. Buspiron quickly absorbed, its complete absorption occurs in the gastrointestinal tract. The period of reaction equilibrium plasma achieved through 1-1. 5 hours. The level of Association with plasma proteins is about 95 %. The half-life is two to three hours. Depending on the body 29-63 % of the active ingredient and its metabolites are excreted along with the urine within 24 hours. From 18 to 28 % is excreted along with feces.

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