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Singulair is used to prevent and treat the symptoms of asthma. It is also used to treat allergies. Do not use for an acute asthma attack.

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What is Montelukast (Singulair)?

From the article, you can learn about the well-proven new-generation drug Montelukast (Singulair) on the world market, its therapeutic properties, the principle of action, advantages and disadvantages, for which diseases it is used in world practice, as well as the opinion of doctors and patient reviews, where to buy Singulair without a prescription.

Singulair — the principle of operation, properties

Singulair is a non-hormonal drug, a blocker of leukotriene receptors (organic compounds), which are Pro-asthmatic mediators and cause inflammation of the bronchial tree. The drug belongs to the category of antagonists (opposite action), is not an antihistamine, but together with these improves the prognosis of the course of therapeutic action. In clinical practice discusses the use of generic Singulair. Great Britain is the country that patented the drug.

The principle of action of Singulair is based on the suppression of receptors that provoke bronchospasm. The maximum protective effect occurs after 12 hours after taking the drug. Therapeutic use of the drug is among the second-line drugs that allow reducing the dose of IGCs (inhaled glucocorticosteroids) and as an additional therapy to them.

Where it is used?

Brand name of the substance Montelukast (Latin-Montelukastum), the most commonly used trade names of the drug-Singulair, Monler. The spectrum of action: used as a preventive measure and long-term treatment of allergic diseases as an additional option. The medicine is taken for the prevention of bronchospasm caused by physical activity, for the relief of allergic rhinitis with the onset of the season of allergens in the form of pollen, flowering plants, as well as systemic allergies — bronchial asthma (BA) and for the treatment of recurrent urticaria. Singulair is not available in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription. Analogous to Singulair is Ventolin

Advantages and disadvantages


  • No oncogenic effects (not carcinogenic), does not affect fertility and fertility.
  • Does not cause genetic changes (mutagenicity).
  • It does not cause embryonic disorders when used during pregnancy, but due to the possibility of penetration of the substance through the placenta and insufficient research in this direction, it is recommended for use only in extreme cases. It is advisable not to take and to be careful when taking during the feeding period for the same reason.
  • Improves respiratory ventilation.
  • During clinical trials involving 172 children, the safety of using Singulair granules at a dosage of 4 mg for children 12-23 months was established.
  • The use of the drug in patients from 6 to 14 years of age in terms of safety and effectiveness coincides with the use of the drug in adults.


  • Based on clinical experience, several negative manifestations have been identified: depression, anxiety, tremor, nosebleeds, and in rare cases, pancreatitis.
  • Possible development of jaundice, hepatitis as liver disorders.
  • It does not replace inhalation, so it is not recommended to use medication to block acute conditions, but it makes it possible to reduce their use.
  • In rare cases, systemic eosinophilia may occur, that is, an increase in the number of immune cells that are responsible for the development of allergic reactions. Such violations would cause the need for additional treatment.

Komarovsky about the treatment of bronchial asthma

Everyone is a well-known pediatrician Komarovsky for his author's TV program, which gives full information about children's diseases and ways to treat them. Komarovsky uses the latest developments in world medicine, so in this article, we rely on his opinion on the use of the progressive drug Montelukast for BA (bronchial asthma). According to the doctor, AD affects more than 10% of families, and preventive measures to combat IT do not benefit, but on the contrary, make the situation worse. The main symptom of BA is a difficult exhalation with a whistle, which Komarovsky asks you to pay special attention to. The causes of asthma care in the absence of the proper amount of viruses for the proper functioning of the immune system, that is excessive disinfection. In rural areas, this disease is twice as rare. BA is a problem for the whole world, so there is a common civilized system that helps to cope with asthma for 3 months. In such a treatment system, he introduces Singulair, as one of the best drugs of the new generation. Singulair tablets can be purchased at pharmacies with a doctor's prescription.

Patient reviews

  • A patient with a chronic course of joint disease took medication for a month. She complained of a sharp increase in joint pain. There was stiffness in the joints, weakness in the body. For a long time, I could not return to the state of remission.
  • The child has prescribed a drug with its intake before bedtime. Parents noted the absence of coughing at night but increased it in the daytime. They expressed a desire to take the drug during the day, but the attending doctor explained the reason for taking the drug before going to bed, its properties cause drowsiness.
  • A patient with asthma took Russian-made Singulair for three weeks at a doctor's prescribed dosage of 10 mg. This indicates a decrease in the doses of medications that were prescribed for permanent use for asthma. I am happy with its effectiveness and advises everyone who has bronchial asthma to try it (after consulting with your doctor). After 3 weeks, I began to notice a significant decrease in asthmatic symptoms. While taking the substance, it is forbidden to take alcohol-containing beverages, which he did not know about and twice consumed them, which did not reduce the effect of exposure to Montelukast and did not provoke negative consequences.

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